Torlon pai (polyamide-imide)

Very high max. allowable service temperature in air 250°С continuously.Excellent retention of mechanical strength, stiffness and creep resistance over a wide range of temperatures.

Extremely low coefficient of linear thermal expansion up to – до 250°С, excellent wear and frictional behavior (mostly Torlon 4301 PAI),inherent low flammability and exceptional resistance against high energy radiation ( gamma and X-rays)
Torlon 4203 PAI proves , that it is the best material for that purpose, because it offers perfect combination from very good wear resistance, high frequency (without carbon or glass inside it) and very good toughness.

Using Torlon 4203 PAI increases the quality of the finished detail, decreases producing losses and assures reliability of the whole production line.

There are three types of Torlon:

• Torlon 4203 PAI (clear);
• Torlon 4301 (PAI+graphite+teflon);
• Torlon 5530 (PAI+GF30, modified with glass).

Specification: Torlon.pdf 
TORLON 5530 PAI (PAI-GF30) : Colour: black

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