PPSU 1000 POLIFENILSULFON, PEI polyetherimide 1000, PSU 1000 polysulfone

Main features

• high service temperature (190 ° C, 170 ° C, 150 ° C continuously);
• high mechanical strength, stiffness and creep resistance at elevated temperatures;
• excellent hydrolysis resistance (suitable for repeated steam sterilization);
• high toughness (even at low temperature);
• very good dimensional stability;
• physiologically inert (suitable for food contact);
• good electrical insulators and dielectrics;
• transparent, non-optical (except for PPSU black);
• very good resistance to high-energy radiation.

These not reinforced amorphous thermoplastic materials have many features and all together offer a combination of excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

Semi-finished material:

PPSU 1000 (Polifenilsulfon) Color: Black
The material offers a better impact strength and chemical resistance than PEI 1000 and PSU 1000. Being under unlimited sterilizing steam, PPSU is the ideal choice in medicine when needed repeatable sterilization.

PEI 1000 (polyetherimide): Color: natural (amber), transparent
Particularly suitable for use in electrical and electronics industry (isolators) and various structural components requiring high strength and rigidity at elevated temperature.

PSU 1000 (polysulfone): Colour: (yellow), transparent
It offers very good radiation stability, low ionic pollution and very good chemical and hydrolysis resistance.

PPSU 1000 (Polifenilsulfon); PEI 1000 (polyetherimide); PSU 1000 (polysulfone)
Specification: PPSU_PEI-PSU.pdf

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