Polyamide (PA)


Ertalon and Nilatron can be used to manufacture a wide range of parts for both original equipment and maintenance: sliding bearings, bushings, siders that support and guide wheels, rollers for conveyor belts, bushings for roller wheels, pulleys and coverings them, clicks, buffer blocks, hammer heads, gears, insulating washers, nuts, screws, stars, cutting boards and chopping, insulators etc.

Main features

  • high mechanical strength, hardness, toughness and stiffness;
  • good fatigue strength;
  • very good damping capability;
  • good sliding properties;
  • excellent wear resistance;
  • good workability.

ERTALON 6 SA (PA-6) extrudate: Colour: natural (white), black
Ertalon 6 SA should be seen as universal material for constructions and repairs

ERTALON 66 SA (PA-66) : Colour: natural (cream), black
A material with greater mechanical strength, toughness, higher heat resistance and wear resistance as compared with Ertalon 6

SA ERTALON 6 PLA (PA-6G) Cast : Color: natural (ivory)
Its properties are very similar to those of Ertalon 66 SA.

ERTALON LFX (PA6 + lubricant) Cast: Colour: Green
This internally lubricated cast nylon 6 is self-lubricating in the true sense of the word. Ertalon LFX is specially designed for unoiled, highly loaded and slowly moving parts. This is due to its reduced friction coefficient (to 50%) and increased wear resistance 10 times greater in comparison with the Ertalon 6SA.

ERTALON 6 XAU + (PA 6) Cast: Color: Black
Cast nylon 6 having an optimum crystal structure. It has superior technical properties compared to other extruded and cast polyamides, high creep and wear resistance, best resistance to heat aging and very good machinability.

ERTALON 66-GF30 (PA 66-GF30): Color: Black
This polyamide reinforced with 30% glass fiber, has a very high wear resistance, greater hardness, higher depreciation capability, creep resistance and dimensional stability compared with 66 Ertalon SA. It is recommended for use in the temperature range – 20 + 220°C.

ERTALON 4.6 (PA 4.6) extruded: Colour: reddish brown
Compared with other types of polyamide Ertalon 4.6 applications are primarily in the high temperature range (80-220 ° C), where the qualities of Ertalon 6 Ertalon 66 SA, Ertacetal and Ertalyte are not enough.

NyLATRON GS (PA66 + MoS2): Colour: graphite
Extruded polyamide modified with MoS2 fibres. It has excellent resistance to wear, self-lubricating and low-friction characteristics. GS is the ideal material for mechanical friction mechanisms over 100°C. These super mechanical properties combined with low moisture absorption make it much preferred material.

Main advantages:

  • The lowest coefficient of friction:By comparative tests, prominent independent expert consultants have found that Nylatron 703 XL has the lowest possible dynamic and static coefficient of friction than any other commercial polyamide. Nylatron 703 XL ensures the slight variations in the standards or improves the effectiveness of the construction of the system.
  • Unmounted:Nylatron 703 XL is the only nylon, which has a zero adhesion in all conditions.
  • Best wear resistance:Low dynamic coefficient of friction affects the good wear resistance, which reduces or excludes lubrication and allows longer service life of components and parts.
  • Excellent mechanical strength at high loads:Nylatron 703 XL has mechanical properties very similar to those of other internally lubricated nylons. In practice Nylatron 703 XL can easily replace all the present materials that are required for wear resistance.
  • Good thermal resistance:Nylatron 703 XL has the inherent other polyamides high thermal resistance.
  • Good dimensional stability

Nylatron 703 XL is implemented for the first time on the European and Asian market in the telescopic booms of the cranes. Nylatron 703 XL is chosen because of the virtual absence of vibration during movement of the boom, allowing more efficient positioning of the crane and providing safer working conditions. The result of the pilot project with arrows taps in Europe is the first true unoiled boom due to the elimination of the effect “Glides-no-sticking.”

Surface and mechanical treatment:
Due to the nature of the material, the machined surface is relatively rough. Anyway, this does not diminish the quality of the product.

Nylatron MC901 (PA6) Cast: Colour: blue
Blue modified cast nylon. An excellent construction material which is also an ideal replacement of phosphoric bronze. Proven as an excellent material for making gears, gear racks, pinions and combs. Excellent durability.

Nylatron GSM (PA6 + MoS2): Colour: graphite
It contains fine particles of MoS2, which increases the durability and wear resistance without reducing its impact strength and resistance to fatigue. It is used for gears, complex parts, all kinds of bearings, valves, electrical components.

Nylatron NSM (PA6 + solid lubricants)
Polyamide 6 which contains solid lubricants that give self-lubricating effect, excellent durability and remarkable opportunities in pressure and speed (up to 5 times higher than conventional cast polyamides). Suitable especially for unoiled details that operate at high speed.


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