PMMA xt rods and tubes


PMMA xt (Acrilyc)
Polymethylmethacrylate is brittle and shows a good mechanical strength, tensile strength and hardness. PMMA is also scratch-resistant and easy to polish. It shows a good temperature resistance and UV-stability. The operating temperature of PMMA ranges from -40˚C to approx.. +70˚C.

Main properties:

  • Very high mechanical strength and hardness;
  • High mechanical rigidity;
  • Excellent transparency;
  • Easy to polish;
  • Good thermal stability;
  • Good insulation properties;
  • Low water absorption;
  • Excellent weather resistance;
  • Possible stress problems;
  • Low chemical resistance;
  • Brittle


Art vision, displays, signage, advertisement, food industry, tubes for lamps, automotive, milk pipes, hand rails, etc.

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