Ultrahigh molecular polyethylene (PE-UHMW), CESTILEN, CESTIDUR, CESTILIT, Borolen, CESTIFLAME


They are used for gears, bearings, plates and deflecting rollers, spools of rope, chain sprockets, leading bands for conveyor chains, buffers, pistons, gaskets, valves, heads for hammers, conveyor screws, stars, pumps, filters, galvanized drums , mixers, compactors, bins, silos, chutes and funnels centers, cutting boards and chopping.

Main features:

  • good wear and abrasion resistance;
  • high impact luminance even at a low temperature;
  • excellent chemical resistance;
  • low friction coefficient;
  • very low water absorption;
  • excellent smoothness (not glued residues);
  • moderate (average) mechanical toughness, hardness and creep resistance;
  • very good electrical and dielectric properties;
  • excellent workability.

Ultrahigh molecular polyethylene (UHMWPE) and higher molecular (HMWPE) polyethylene

possess excellent impact resistance, low friction, they are electrical insulators and do not absorb water. They work very well without lubrication (in dry conditions) without scoring. During production these polyethylene undergo the necessary stabilization and hardening therefore it sis handled very easily with metal- and woodworking machinery.

CESTILEN HD500 (PE-HMW): Color: natural (white, black)

This material is mainly used in the food industry (meat and fish processing). Therefore, it does not absorb liquid, is easily cleaned and is physiologically inert. Also, the material is used in mechanics, chemical industry and electrification. It can be easily welded.

CESTICOLOR (PE-HMW): Color: green, red, yellow, navy blue, orange, reddish orange, chestnut

It is used mainly in the food industry. Its properties are similar to those of the HD 500 Cestilene.

CESTILENE HD1000 (PE-UHMW): Color: natural (white), black, green

Among all polyethylene, CESTILENE HD 1000 shows the most balanced properties. A combination of excellent wear and abrasion resistance with remarkable shock tougness, even at temperatures below -200 ° C.
Its main fields of application are: mechanical engineering, bottling and canning industry, packaging machines, chemical and electricity industry, refrigeration equipment, textile industry.

CESTIDUR (PE-UHMW): Colour: blue-gray

Cestidur proved that can deal with the rigors of work conditions related to stress/loading and wear in all industries.

CESTILENE ASTL (PE-UHMW + additives): Colour: black

Specially designed for the worst anti-abrasive applications. Additives it contains make this material anti-static and UV-stabilized. This reduces the risk of explosions when handling explosive substances on the one hand and makes the material suitable for outdoor use.


The newest material developed specifically for use in machines in the paper industry for drainage elements. It possesses abrasion 3 times higher than that of Cestilene HD1000 and a very low coefficient of friction in dry and wet environments.


This is a modified UHMWPE, which is used as a shield in the nuclear industry.

Cestiflame PE-UHMW:

ultrahigh molecular lingering retardant polyethylene (PEUHMW).
Cestiflame is an effective lingering burning material that is derived from an extremely high degree of polymerisation under very high pressure.
Cestiflame is specifically designed to improve bad behavior combustion of pure unmodified polyethylene, covering the requirements of UL 94 V-o thickness of 10 mm. This non-halogen lingering burning material complements ultrahigh molecular as polyethylene material.

Main properties:

  • self-lubricating;
  • good UV-resistance;
  • antistatic;
  • excellent chemical resistance;
  • high mechanical toughness;
  • low friction coefficient;
  • excellent wear- and abrasion resistance.

Blanks :

Specification : High_Molecular_Polyethylene.pdf

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