The nomenclature of these plastics WHICH producer IS Simona Germany, covers a wide range of applications:

  • sheets with thicknesses of 0.5 to 200 mm;
  • thin walled tubes with diameters from 10 to 1000 mm;
  • fittings with diameters of 16 to 1000 mm;
  • solid rods with diameters from 6 up to 800 mm;
  • thick-walled tubes with diameters of 125 to 450 mm;
  • profiles and electrodes;
  • electrical connecting fittings;
  • valves.

A product of polymerization of vinyl chloride there are several types of PVC, each distinguishable by value of its molecular weight and by the production process employed. Like any thermoplastic, PVC hardens or softens by heat. Therefore, at low temperatures, its mechanical strength is increased and the impact resistance decreases. In the solid state, the material can easily and stably be welded by application of heat.

Some of its main features are:

• High chemical resistance
• Can be hot welded
• Excellent workability
• Self-extinguishing
• Easy machinability
• Low water absorption
• Good insulation properties for electronics
• Good adhesiveness and paintability
• Low impact strength
• Limited weather resistance

PVC-CAW : Normal impact strength, chemical resistance, used in engineering
PVC-MZ : Improved impact strength, UV-stabilized.
PVC-TF : Improved impact strength, UV-stabilized, used in thermoforming in extreme conditions.
PVC-D : Normal impact strength, specially designed for the printing industry.
PVC-C : Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride.
PVC-C CORZAN : Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, lingering burning PVC.
FM 4910 : Approved by FMR., as a pure material.
PVC-GLAS : Normal impact strength, transparent or dark transparent (a sheet with a thickness of 1 mm transmits light to 88%).
PVC-GLAS-SX : Increased impact strength, easy to perforation.
PVC-GLAS opal : Transparent or white opal.
PVC-KYRNIT : Pressed sheet.
SIMOPOR : Foam sheet.
SIMOPOR -LIGHT : Low density.
SIMOSEL-AS : Foam sheet, antistatic.
SIMOSEL-COLOR : Foam sheet, the ability to adjust color.
COPLAST-AS : Co-extruded foam sheet, white layers, UV-stabilized, antistatic.
COPLAST-AS-X : With gray core.
SIMOPLAN : Sheet completely foamy surface, white.

PVC stamped : Unilateral stamped.
PVC-CAW-UV : Normal impact strength, chemically resistant, UV-stabilized.
PVC-LZ : Physiologically inert.
PVC-DS : Increased impact strength, UV-stabilized, designed specifically for printing.
PVC-E : Designed specifically for electrical engineering.
PVC-EL : electrically condictive, black.
PVC-T : Designed for interior panels.
PVC-mat : a matte surface.
PVC-WT : Normal impact strength suitable for contact with drinking water.
PVC-DS-TW : Increased impact strength, used in water supply and construction of swimming pools.
PVC-HSV : Increased impact strength, easy to be vacuum formed.
PVC-HSV stamped : Unilateral stamped.
PVC-V : With increased heat resistance.
PVC-V stamped : Unilateral stamped.
Embossed PVC-V: Unilateral stamped.
PVC-V-UV: UV-stabilized.
PVC-GLAS-LZ: Clear, physiologically inert.
COPLAST COLOR: Co-extruded foam sheet, colored layers.

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